Courses taught at Macquarie unless otherwise stated

Designed: Kickstart program for students transitioning from school to university

Co-designed: Biol 391 Biology Capstone, Biol 700—Research Frontiers for Biology (Masters).

Sole course convener: Biol 376 Behavioural Genomics, Biol 114 Biodiversity and Evolution; Biol 369 Vertebrate Evolution

Co-convener: Biol 114 Biodiversity and Evolution; Biol316 Invertebrates: Evolution, Behaviour and Diversity; Biol341 Parasitology; Biol700 Research Frontiers for Biology (Masters of Research Core subject)

Principle tutor: Biol 114 Biodiversity and Evolution; Biol341 Parasitology; Biol 369 Vertebrate Evolution; 3rd Yr Whole plant development; (Newcastle); 3rd Yr Cell Biology (Newcastle).

Laboratory or field demonstrator: Biol227 – Ecology; Biol208 Animal Structure and Function; Biol108 Human Biology; Biol347 Plant Diversity and Conservation; Biol111 Introductory Biology – Ecosystems and Communities (Newcastle); Biol2016 Cell Biology (Uni of Sydney); MBLG2072 Molecular Biology and Genetics (Uni of Sydney); Biol 321S Cellular and Systems Physiology (Plant Cells and Molecules module) (Uni of Sydney); Biol 313/393 Molecular Genetics and Recombinant DNA Technology (Uni of Sydney).