Join the Lab

Come join this newly formed lab – we have the tools and expertise to tackle big questions.Volunteers are welcome please contact the lab leader.

The lab is currently looking for postgrad/graduate students. The lab suits individuals that are creative, self-motivated and engaged. Ideally the potential candidate must be prepared to develop a deep understanding and passion for the cool animals and plants that they will be working with. It is also important the candidate comes with some resemblance of career goals. The lab at the moment is particularly keen on recruiting personnel that have some interdisciplinary interests and skills such as electronics, robotics, and/or computer animation.

Opportunities exist for MRes, PhD and postdoctoral levels for a broad array of projects related to any of the labs key research areas. However the lab will entertain other systems and questions so bring along your compelling case! Macquarie University has a very generous program for higher degree research candidates, while Sydney is the place to be – providing a high standard of living and access to an incredible diversity of endemic fauna and flora. If you are interested in joining us please get in touch!


Postgraduate scholarships

Apart from the government postgraduate scholarships for domestic students (APA), Macquarie University offers a substantial number of competitive inhouse scholarships each year for both domestic and international students.  These scholarships cover tuition fees and pay a handsome living allowance (min $26,288 per year tax exempt, in 2016). The maximum tenure is 3.5 years (full time equivalent). The University not only provides the funds for putting food on the table but the department also offers additional support for research costs ($3000 per annum) and professional development such as lab visits and international conferences ($4000 one off).

Higher degree research scholarships for domestic and international please refer too:

Macquarie University HDR Scholarships

Australian Postgraduate Awards

Postdoctoral research fellowships

Macquarie University also provides a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship scheme and other such opportunities for early career researchers. For information on schemes run through Macquarie University or the government please refer to this link.