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The current and past members that have dared to enter the arena


website_image.jpgDr. Matthew Bulbert – Lab Leader
Lecturer in Animal Behaviour

Department of Biological Sciences
Macquarie University, North Ryde, 2109
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Rm: E8C246, Phone: (02) 98508897
Email: matthew.bulbert[at]
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Francesca van den Berg – 2016
Postdoctoral researcher




ALex_BAlex Burton
Laboratory assistant

I have always been fascinated by insects. After completing Honours at UTS in environmental biology I joined the conflict ecology lab as a volunteer to gain experience working with insects and to meet other people with similar interests. Working in the lab has been an amazing experience and I am more keen than ever to pursue my interest in working with insects.


Conflict Ecology Labs undergraduate team!

Alex_CAlex Carey

I am in my final year at Macquarie University studying a Bachelor of Biodiversity and Conservation. Originally from a rural background I have a massive love for the outdoors and discovering new and fascinating creatures. I can’t for the life of me decide on an organism to primarily focus on but I am increasingly captivated by the complex interactions of invertebrates.

steph bagalaStephanie Bagala

I am fascinated by the structure and morphology of all animals, particularly those that have adapted to the extreme conditions of deep sea environments.  I love being out in the field collecting data, learning more about biological theory by seeing it in the real world.


Michelle_CMichelle Calcott

I am a third year biology student interested in behavioural ecology. I have a special interest in phasmids and birds especially black cockatoos! I love to go on road trips and snap photos of weird and wonderful wildlife in their natural habitats. When I’m not studying I dabble in pathology and teach histology techniques and WHS to registrars for the Royal College of Pathologists Australia (RCPA)

Braxton Jones

I am very passionate about insects with particular focus on Phasmids. I have been breeding and preserving various insects and arachnids for 10 years.

Justin McNab

I am a keen bushwalker and enjoy interacting with animals whether that be in the bush around my house or in the depths of the ocean while SCUBA diving. I am somewhat destined for the conflict ecology group given my interests in animals and in martial arts.



Katherine Berthon,
Masters of Research thesis

Do green roofs actually increase biodiversity? The project was conducted within Sydney CBD and turned into quite the logistical challenge. Katie’s tenacity won the day and produced a fab thesis.

tanyaTanya Andradi
Biology Research Experience Scholarship

Project: Transformational defences of Eurymela rubrolimbata

Most of my scientific interests centre around biochemistry which has led to an interest in pheromones and communication in ants.

Rowan McGinleyRowan McGinley
Biology Research Experience Scholarship

Rowan provided an important contribution to a project on Feather-legged Assassin bugs. He is now a Dr. in his own right having completed a fab thesis on contest behaviour in Jumping spiders.